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House policies and management with Paul Mengert

September 25, 2019

Mr. Paul Mengert has served in various organizations as a member of the board and also as an advisor. He has worked as the president of the Carolina's Chapter of the Community Associations Institute and as a member of the Council for Board of Directors in an educational foundation for the Givat Haviva. He also served on the national senior faculty for the Community Associations Institute. He was named as an advisor in the USAID program that aimed to bring housing reforms to both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. He helped in the formation of the thousands of new homeowners associations in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Paul Mengert was born in North Carolina and attended the University of North Carolina, majoring in Political Science and Communications. He is a certified Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM). In 1984, he formed a community management association in North and South Carolina and named it the Association Management Group. Before 1984, Paul worked the former Governor of North Carolina. Currently, he is the president of Association Management Group. He also offers classes for home owners association. His homeowners association classes have since been approved by numerous organizations which include South Carolina Department of Real Estate, North Carolina Board of Realtors, the California Department of Real Estate and the Nevada. Governmental departments such as Department of Real Estate, the Florida Bureau of Condominiums, and the Georgia Department of Real Estate have also approved his classes. In addition, Mr. Mengert has also recently attracted executives from more than fifty organizations with his development program for Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Charlotte.